What is WordPress

“What is WordPress?” A common question for people looking to build a new website, well let us tell you a bit about it

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and maintain a blog or other type of website.

With almost 10 years of existence and more than a thousand subjects (templates) available on its official website, it is not only a simple and intuitive system to create a personal blog, but it allows to make all kinds of websites more complex.

WordPress is an ideal system for a website that is updated periodically. If you write content with some frequency, when someone accesses the website, you can find all those contents arranged chronologically (first the most recent and finally the oldest).

It is the ideal system for beginners, or for those who do not have too much technical knowledge with coding.
WordPress has a system of plugins, which allow extending the capabilities of your website. In conclusion, that way you get a more flexible CMS.

We have already answered the question about what it is, let us now explain the basic features of WordPress:

Digital Tugas - What Is WordPress?

What can I do with WordPress?

In many occasions, WordPress is associated with a tool that only serves to make blogs. Well let me tell you that’s incorrect information, with WordPress, we can create a blog and much more. I have been able to create business websites, online stores, digital newspaper, reservation centres, etc. Next, we are going to see some of the things that we can create with this content manager.


It is its best-known function. WordPress incorporates, in its default installation, all the typical features of a blog: show articles in blog format, option to add comments to entries, the possibility of organising articles by categories or labels, etc.

In addition, you can add various modules on the web, called widgets, common to blogs: list of blog categories, list of tags, search engine, list of most read articles, list of recent comments, etc.

With all this, we can say that possibly WordPress is the best tool to create a blog, with more reason if it fits if we consider its simplicity of use.

Corporate Website

WordPress can perfectly serve to create a business website, understanding as such a page where we can inform about everything that concerns your company or business: who you are, what’s the problem that you solve,  who are the people that you already work with already, etc.

Thanks to the variety of templates available on WordPress, we can get very different designs for your website. It could range from a website with minimalist design and that shows little information, to a completely bespoke website that loads a lot of data on each page and allows your visitors too book a service or buy your product.

You can easily create different sections on your website to organise the content.

These are not limited to static pages or a blog page, but thanks to the thousands of available plugins we can add more features such as contact form, forum, directories, etc.

Online store

Although there are other specific content managers to create online stores (PrestaShop, Magento, etc.), WordPress can be a completely valid option, since it has several plugins that will allow us to incorporate an online store on our website. Of all of them, WooCommerce would be the most recommended option, although we can choose another plugin.

Thanks to WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin we can have an online store with all the typical functionalities that we expect to find in an application of this type: unlimited product creation, product organisation by category, possibility of adding attributes to the products, diverse systems of payment and shipping, advanced order management, etc.

The functionalities of our store will not end with those incorporated by WooCommerce itself, but we can add hundreds of new options thanks to the specific plugins for it: massive import of products, shipping costs by zip code, payment gateways with credit card credit, product prices by quantity, generation of invoices, etc.

Digital Tugas - What is WordPress? - Corporate Web - Online Store

And much more…

As we said before, the thousands of plugins available for WordPress will allow us to extend the possibilities of our website in WordPress, to be able to get almost anything: support forum, booking management website, directory of companies, video channel, etc. If we add to this the thousands of themes (templates) available, the possibilities to get any type of web are almost endless.

How to install WordPress?

The ease of use of WordPress is not only limited to content management, but, the installation process is also very simple, and will only take a few minutes to complete.

First of all, we must have a place to install our WordPress. We can do it in our local team if we have installed a web server (for example, Apache) or do it in a hosting service.

Only with this last option, we can make the website visible to other users. The server where we host the web has to be able to run PHP and support MySQL databases. In addition, there are other minimum requirements that must be met in order for everything to work properly.

Once we have a place to host our WordPress, we must download the WordPress installer and unzip it to the path where the web will load. Next, we will have to create a MySQL database and a user with access to that database.

Now we must open the page where we have uploaded the WordPress files. An installation wizard will appear in several steps, where we will have to enter the data of connection to the database, the name of our website, and the data of the administrator user. Once this assistant is finished, we will have the web ready to start adding content and customise it.

After finishing the installation of WordPress, do not end here. Then it comes the theme design, and “finally” SEO.

But the problem is that SEO has no end, SEO is something that has to be reviewed day by day!

Here we go again, but what is SEO?

Well, let’s see what is SEO then!

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